"Disasters may ruin your day, but they do not have to ruin your stuff!"

Textile, Laundry, and Dry Cleaning

Almost 25% of the cost of contents restoration is typically in textiles, laundry, and dry cleaning. This means that problems in this area can be huge. Are you concerned with any of the issues below?
  • Frustrate with these items keeping claims from being closed out fast?
  • Tired of high claim costs and low margins?
  • Standing around waiting instead of working because you cannot get immediate response times?
  • Struggling with lack of follow-up, no real inventory process, or no accurate list of salvageable items?
  • Worried about losing items, manual inventory systems, slow invoicing and poor estimates?
  • Had enough of confusion due to working with a franchised company trying to seem “big”?
  • Wondering how items are going to be kept secure?
  • How can I get the items I need quickly to minimize my immediate living expenses and headaches?
  • How do I minimize the disruption to my business?
  • Does it make sense to deal with “cleaners” for this when they do not handle the other 75% of my contents restoration? Can’t I have just one contents company? 
We can help you address all of these issues in addition to any other contents issues you are facing. Disasters are complicated enough without you having to coordinate between a lot of contents companies!