"Disasters may ruin your day, but they do not have to ruin your stuff!"

Sports Equipment Cleaning

One of the headlines hitting the news on a regular basis recently is the health problems arising from using sports equipment.  There have been many documented cases of athletes getting sick due to the lack of proper cleaning and disinfecting of the equipment they used.  Many of these cases involve staff infections (Staphylococcus), which can be fatal.  The continuous use, environment, and sharing of sports equipment creates a perfect setting for bacterial growth and transmission of disease.  Are you concerned with any of these issues?

  • Struggling to maintain the best health for kids involved in athletics at your school?
  • Worried about items such as helmets that are often used year after year by different players?
  • Fighting smells, mold, sweat, stains, and other cleanliness issues seen in many locker rooms?
  • Have athletes that seem to be sick often or getting cuts and scrapes that are infected or tough to heal?
  • Limited on budget when it comes to buying equipment and uniforms so you need to make them last as long as possible?
  • Cost of regular cleaning and disinfecting seems too high for the program to afford?
  • Worried about the cost and bad publicity if one of your players gets sick due to condition of equipment?
  • Not sure how to effectively clean equipment like helmets and shoulder pads?
  • Worried about sweat, saliva, blood, and mucus that can transfer between athletes?
  • Afraid to relying on players to keep their uniforms and gear clean when you see them throwing the gear into closets, bags, or trunks instead of attempting to clean at all?
  • Unsure if you even have the right cleaning process to handle some of the nastier pathogens?
  • Cleaning clothes on a regular basis but seldom, if ever, cleaning the gear?
  • Searching for a way to minimize law suits and legal actions?

No matter if your program is grammar school, middle school, high school, college, or pro, we can clean, deodorize and disinfect all of your sporting equipment to give you peace of mind and hopefully a team in top physical condition!

Medical Equipment Cleaning

Sometimes even more hazardous are the issues arising out of medical equipment.  Medical equipment can have the same dangerous health risks as sports equipment with even more damaging results.  Because most medical equipment is used with patients that may be already in poor health, the chance of adverse affects are even greater.  Additionally, medical equipment is much more likely to be in direct contact with serious diseases as well as the drugs that treat those diseases.  Add to this the higher regulatory requirements and Joint Commission requirements, many companies really struggle to keep their medical equipment clean.  If you are spending time and money to clean medical equipment (or need to be), give us a call and lets see if we can make your struggles diminish, eliminate your transfer issues, and save you money at the same time!