"Disasters may ruin your day, but they do not have to ruin your stuff!"

Restoration and Contracting Professionals

Restoration and Contracting Professionals are often the front line protection when disaster strikes.  This puts you in a great position to help your customers when it comes to contents and documents restoration.  It also leads to many issues that Restoration and Contracting Professionals face on a regular basis.  Do any of the following issues look familiar to you?

  • Losing money because you do not have contents processing capabilities or your contents volume is too great for your capacity?
  • Concerned with referring contents restoration to another restoration company and running the risk that they will take all your business or start selling directly to the adjuster that referred the business to you?
  • Struggling to know what items can be restored and what items need to be replaced?
  • Looking for natural ways to increase revenues without increasing costs of equipment and labor?
  • Frustrated with trying to handle contents with companies that do not understand your restoration environment and the challenges you face?
  • Worried about confidentiality issues with your customers?
  • Searching for a company that understands you want to strengthen your relationship with your customers and referral sources?
  • Worried about accurate inventory procedures and not getting appropriate status reports on the contents cleaning process?
  • Wondering how to find the latest technology that minimizes costs while maximizing the contents restoration?
  • Wondering how you can manage the contents from pack-out to pack-in and store all of it securely?
  • Searching for new marketing tools and a competitive edge when meeting with your referral sources?

Unfortunately, these are just a few of the many issues that Restoration and Contracting Professionals struggle with on a regular basis.  Fortunately, successfully resolving these issues for you is what we do on a daily basis.  No matter if you are wanting to get into the contents restoration market, increase your contents restoration, or eliminate many of the headaches you are suffering, give us a call and lets see if it makes sense to handle these issues as a team.