"Disasters may ruin your day, but they do not have to ruin your stuff!"

Property Owners

The ones that are hurt the most by disasters are the property owners. Everything we do for Restoration Contractors and Adjusters actual benefit the property owners the most. No matter if you are a commercial or residential property owner, you may be facing some of these things: 
  • Feeling overwhelmed by a disaster and at a loss as to what is going to happen to the things you own?
  • Worried about heirlooms and treasured items in which you would never want to replace?
  • Do not even know what items can be restored or what items have to be replaced? Especially if an adjuster is asking you to give him a list?
  • Are you afraid that general construction workers are going to be handling and taking care of your items?
  • Wondering if you will have access to your items while they are being restored?
  • Concerned that you may need some items almost immediately and can’t wait for everything to be cleaned?
  • Afraid things will get lost or that everything is being tracked by hand with no real inventory system?
  • Not even sure how long you are going to have to live without your items?
  • Worried about smells or safety of items once you get them back?
  • Struggling to justify to the insurance company the true value of your loss?
  • Your business and livelihood are hurting more and more each day you do not have your property?
  • Worried about theft, temperature, or other security issues?
So many concerns and issues can seem to overwhelm you, especially during times of disaster and loss. Struggles in this area can seem like a second disaster!    Fortunately, we help people everyday to resolve these problems.   Feel free to share with us any concern you may have and to come and see how we are helping others. One disaster is more than anyone should have to face.