"Disasters may ruin your day, but they do not have to ruin your stuff!"

Insurance Professionals

As an Insurance Professional, you are often placed in a tough position between your customers that have incurred a loss and your company that has insured that loss.  While trying to return the insured to a pre-loss situation you are also tasked with minimizing the expense to the company.  In this role, everyone is pulling you in different directions and you are often being judged by many differing standards.  Are any of these issues familiar to you? 

  • Frustrated with high cost of replacing contents when it could be a lot less expensive to restore them?
  • Unsure about what items are truly able to be restored and not replaced (especially knowing that up to 85% if items can now be restored)?
  • Struggling to justify your decisions to restore or replace to your insured?  Your company?
  • Wondering how to handle those heirlooms that are impossible to replace and often extremely valuable?
  • Frustrated with slow contents estimate times?
  • Having difficulty accessing customer belongings or knowing where they stand in the restoration process?
  • Worried about how a contents company will treat your insured while they are packing out?
  • Searching for someone that can expedite certain contents that your insured needs quickly making them happier and reducing living expenses?
  • Tired of not getting documentation (inventories, scope of work, status reports, restore versus replace evidence, etc.), in a timely manner?
  • Had enough of lost time and increased confusion because estimates are not provided in the way needed in the insurance industry or inventory items being lost or misplaced?
  • Concerned about being constantly solicited for more work every time you go on-site?
  • Looking for ways to reduce pair and set clause expenses?
  • Frustrated with old technology and processes causing more labor charges and items incorrectly being replaced instead of restored?
  • Wishing your insured’s contents list was accurate and up to date and there was less arguing over what they owned, when it was purchased, and what it is worth?
  • Worried about how the insured’s contents are going to be stored and secured while the other restoration processes are taking place?

Unfortunately, this list can go on and on.  Fortunately, we help Insurance Professionals every day to address all these issues.  In doing so, we help the insured to be happy, minimize time, eliminate a lot of headaches, and provide some astounding save rates!  If you would like to eliminate or improve on these issues, just give us a call and lets see if it make sense to address contents restoration together.