"Disasters may ruin your day, but they do not have to ruin your stuff!"

Document Restoration

In the world we live in today, documents and electronic storage media are crucial to almost every business and person in the world.  Of course, it is the information contained in these items that make them so valuable and in many cases, non-replaceable.   This is why the restoration of documents and storage media brings up so many issues that most people struggle to know how to handle.  Are you concerned with any of the issues below?

  • Should I try to dry my documents out without any help?
  • Will my documents continue to deteriorate if I do not act quickly?
  • What documents and storage media are even possible to restore?
  • Can I really retrieve my information even after a fire or flood?
  • How do I keep people that are not supposed to see my information from seeing it?
  • How much more economical is it to restore than to replace?
  • What do I do about books and documents with signatures that are not replaceable?
  • Struggling with medical, legal, or prison records that have tremendous liability issues?
  • Why is acting quickly so important?
  • How do mold, ink migration, and page adhesion impact the restoration process?
  • What are the best techniques and latest technology for restoring my documents?
  • Will my facilities cause more damage after my documents have been restored?
  • How do I minimize the disruption to my business?
  • Can I find someone that can handle large damages with global companies?
  • I am concerned about my information leaving my site; can the restoration be done at my location?


  • What processes are needed to stop paper degradation?
  • How do you dry papers quickly and effectively at the lowest possible costs?
  • Is it important to keep papers in an air tight environment?
  • How do I keep my papers from becoming warped or distorted, especially when they already look that way?
  • What impact does mold have on my papers and can it be prevented?
  • How will the cleaning process affect my filing and labeling systems?

Electronic Media

  • Is it really possible to restore items like hard-disks after a disaster?
  • What if the media has been exposed to very high temperatures?
  • Will it be possible to transfer my information for storage elsewhere?

If you have suffered a loss or you are a Restoration Professional with a customer that has suffered a loss, these are only a few of the issues you are fighting with.  Fortunately, we help people find cost effective solutions to these issues every day.  If you would like to enjoy the best possible scenario when it comes to documents and media restoration, just give us a call and see if it makes sense for us to address your issues together.