"Disasters may ruin your day, but they do not have to ruin your stuff!"

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and Industrial companies often face two main concerns with their assets.  The first concern is that many companies spend a lot of money to clean or replace equipment as a regular part of doing business.  The second concern, shared by all businesses, is recovery of operations when you or someone in your supply chain has been struck by a disaster.  Below are just a few of the issues caused by these situations.  Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Cleaning or Replacing Dirty Equipment

  • Struggling with having to clean equipment on a regular basis in order to operate and frustrated with the high labor, supplies, or sub-contracting costs to get equipment cleaned?
  • Wishing you could get your equipment cleaned more often but can not afford the cost?
  • Worried about high dollar equipment or very sensitive equipment when it comes to cleaning?
  • Concerned with equipment that has a lot of crevices, chambers, or small parts that make it seemingly impossible to get clean?
  • Tired of spending large amounts of money to replace equipment when there could be a way to clean it for a lot less and extend its useful life?
  • Struggling with cross contamination of medical or chemical agents with recurring use of equipment?
  • Needing to use your capital budget for items other than expensive cleaning equipment?
  • Working with customers that struggle with their cleaning needs and wish you could offer cleaning services to them?
  • Currently cleaning items for your customers and struggling to lower your time and costs?

Disaster Recovery

  • Shut down due to soot, smoke, mold, water or other contaminants damaging your equipment?
  • Merchandise possibly ruined if it can not be restored?
  • Customers not getting shipments or unhappy waiting for their orders?
  • Can not collect on receivables or pay payroll because computers are down?
  • Insurance coverage not covering the cost of replacing key equipment?
  • Custom built or one of a kind equipment or inventory that is not replaceable?
  • Wondering how to even begin to recover, keep the doors open, or even where to store damaged items until they can be restored.
  • Struggling to justify to insurance carriers the amount of damage you have?
  • Wondering if water or fire damage today is going to kill your equipment months down the road?
  • Frustrated with planning so a disaster does not devastate your company?
  • Worried about liability and health issues caused by medical or chemical contaminants?
  • Have documents or trade secrets that must be protected, even if damaged?
  • Unsure how to prioritize what needs to be handled first?
  • Can I cause even more damage by how I move or store items before cleaning?
  • How do I address the disaster without interrupting existing schedules and deadlines?
  • Is the environment and process safe for my customers and employees?

Unfortunately, this list can go on and on.  Fortunately, we help businesses every day to address all these issues.  If you are struggling with any cleaning issues or facing disaster planning or survival problems, just give us a call and let’s see if it make sense to address contents cleaning or restoration together.
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